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"Never be limited by other people's limited imaginations." 


Mae Jemison


"Imagine, Write, Stumble, Fall, Begin Again.

Start TODAY creating your masterpiece!"

Minnesota Black Authors Expo

The Minnesota Black Authors (MBAE) is an organization that promotes and supports established and emerging Black authors of all ages and genres. Established authors are given a platform to sell their books and interact directly with the community. 

Thank you to everyone who joined our 7th Annual Expo
and a big welcome to our 2023-24 new members!

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The Minnesota Black Authors Expo is committed to:

•  Promoting literacy and improving educational outcomes

•  Showcasing and supporting the work of Black authors

•  Hosting a gathering space for authors, educators, and community

•  Providing authors with a marketplace to showcase their work and supplement their incomes


The Minnesota Black Authors Expo is successfully changing narratives by:

•  Leading the effort to promote and support Black authors in Minnesota

•  Invigorating and promoting a love for literature, writing, and reading

•  Highlighting the ingenuity, diversity, and creativity of Black authors

•  Providing tools for authors to increase earning potential and achieve financial independence  


#MBAE Authors

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